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Ask any thing to this device

Ask any thing to this device

Ask anyone to explain IoT, and (unless they work on a telecom), most likely they will be using a smart home device. The increase in popularity of this device, has increased from 9.5 million to 29.4 million devices in the U.S. … between 2016-19, has now shifted from consumer environments to corporate environments.

Automating a home may be a new way to make someone’s life easier or to solve accessibility issues, but for enterprises with offices and factories, it can be more meaningful than that.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting, security systems and utilities are all made more efficient when automated for their system maintenance or optimization. In terms of user experience, i.e. Their experience of spending one third of their lives in a company building, connecting these assets and making them run smoothly helps with enthusiasm and saves many companies in terms of energy and overall productivity.

Part of the series of these two articles will explore ways to build automated transitions from mainstream to corporate world and see the benefits of automating internal systems. In part two we will see the smart city smart city and how far we are from the automatic metropolis.

Sit in Nest eggs

Smart bulbs, smart smart bells and smart thermostats are big business today and quickly become staples users in many homes thanks to their new tools and easy to use.

Devices such as smart interlez Klevio, which allow for keyless entry using smartphone apps and the ability to move “keys” to other users (eg, when renting Airbnb), have been completely embraced by users and now solves unique problems for the digital age, such as stop “pirate” who stole the package left by the online shipping company.

Combining IoT home devices with AI home hubs equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, however, makes them more useful. Instead of having to include five different smartphone apps or an online platform to schedule your heating,

AI assistant will respond to voice commands, coordinate different devices, and examine user behavior to achieve high levels of automation in individual homes or completes defining actions in response to the phrase “intruder warning.” This type of centralized automation, where the relevant system inside the building can be scheduled in advance and forever, has now made its way into the corporate environment.

Automatic office

From being developed to industry standards and to penetrate users, building automation technology has been baptized by fire inside the house and is now walking back to corporate buildings traditionally used only for HVAC system automation.

“At the hospital, for example, the sensor hub has infrared temperature sensors so you can measure the temperature of a particular point in the bed, and decibels sensors, which can handle sound levels as this is the biggest complaint in the healthcare market in the United States, “said Robert Hemmerdinger Delta Controls’ chief sales and marketing officer.

The sensor Hub

as the above mentioned O3 model can play the same role as the maid, with more emphasis on the ability to “cover every single asset in the room,” between operations through platform integration APIs and add more special sensors to the central device .

Connecting multiple devices or sensors together in one location is not only an advantage for operators, but contractors who “do not have to run ten sets of cables through walls” and architects who do not have to deal with “acne walls” as lights and thermostats .

In this way the advantages of automation are almost driven by themselves- “it’s more cost-effective to install if you use more than one sensor,” Hemmerdinger said – and due to the cost of sensors, Contacts, and hardware down, automation will only continue to grow and become user base expectations.

“5-10 years ago [smart house] has become millions of dollar businesses, now you can do it for several hundred dollars,” said Hemmerdinger, “now people are expecting their own mobile office experience, hospital, University of the big changes we see in industry. “If we accept this idea

How to manage a board for cyber security

How to manage a board for cyber security

As a CIO, I’m no alien with a boarding house. I’ve been through many people in my day, and from now on I’ve learned how to communicate effectively with the institution, what’s good, bad, anywhere between … or maybe more than three. Nuance is the name of the game, and it shows that the taste for the business of people is full of danger.

The IoT concept (Internet of Things).

To keep going forward, troops’ security must focus on innovation, conformity, and endurance. GETTY
Over the last few years, one of the most important ones seen in this meeting board is focusing on technical business operations. The CIO and CISO both play a more important role in business, as well as a growing role, as well as with research institutions.

For professional technicians who have always found themselves out of the technical operation of the center and placed in the hall, learn to speak very important language, not just for work and team, but for business as well.

If CIOs can not effectively find budget requirements, the CISO can not tell if the risks go beyond the efficiency that will be provided by developing a particular technology, not just technical but business and security operations.

Below are some of the best advice for CISOs and CIOs on how to interact with cyber security institutions.

Leading With Durability

CISO officially means “Chief Information Security Officer” but one, less formal, interpretation has begun making rounds when many organizations are violated: The Career Comes Soon.

This is part because, security forces are better acquainted with the infringement of the offense is a lost strategy, and sometimes it is no longer an institution.

In addition to the security forces retreating these efforts for purposes of testing, reducing, and endurance, the CISO should encourage the board to see how the organization is equipped to react when inevitable-including how it will recover.

Get Same Glass

One of the most important things that can be done by technical leaders in coordination with the institution is to reach an earlier page from time to time.

In the daily safety operations (SecOps) and IT operations (IT Ops), priorities often appear to conflict. One focuses on performance, which requires speed and dexterity. One focuses on maintaining critical and data assets, often requiring strict requirements and long assessments.

But for the most important institution, life is how both support (or prevent) business operations. If technical leaders arrive at a meeting with possibilities, it can lead to leadership skills in leadership and technical operations.

Adjust priorities and transitions prior to the board meeting highlighting strategic priorities of objective business and helping to provide common understanding to all stakeholders.

Make It About “When,” No “If”

When a technical project is placed, the finger will be displayed in SecOps. Take an example of cloud. The most recent Voice of the Enterprise: Clouds, Hosting & Delivery Services, Workload & Main Project 2019 Report Review from 451 Research, data and safety applications are known as cloud-delay / adoption He, with 42 percent IT professionals cite it as a cause of the organization they did not move into the clouds.

This is not to say that SecOps troops should throw every need out of the window just because they lie. But CISO and other security leaders must find a way to prevent the pigeons from being “not.” If the CISO, along with the CIO, can show a clear explanation of the purpose and purpose of business and inform you of any safety steps that you need to take place, providing the “if” conference is not “what.”

Underscore The Importance of Innovation

Parts and packages to be seen as “no” troops, SecOps forces are not always seen as innovator technology. So, there is no more important area. Threat actors continue to develop new ways to remove defense firms to access sensitive and annoying business operations.

To keep going forward, troop security should give priority to innovation, adaptation, and endurance. This means integrating sophisticated technology, and strategically thinking about how to leverage expertise d

How Otter.ai Uses Artificial Intelligence is the ceo s headache

How Otter.ai Uses Artificial Intelligence is the ceo s headache

In a career and counting 25-plus years! -As a journalist, I’ve completed thousands of questions and even attended meetings, one face to face or over which calls, for lots of them, I manually transcribe a conversation to make sure I got a comment on the right-my interlocutors’ that I’m dreaded.

So when a friend introduced me Marie Domingo Otter.ai at TechCrunch interrupted the conference in San Francisco last fall, she handled public relations at that time, I, of course, was curious to know more about how this works but it’s too frustrating that mobile apps can really help me.

How wrong I am! After more than six months using the free version of the service that includes 600 minutes per month Transcriptions free, Otter.ai changed lives and in the post, I will release more in-depth technical review from Otter paid “premium” version that cost only $ 10 months for 6,000 minutes of transcription.

Not only does the app (for iOS and Android) work very well on questions of live transcripts and meetings from speeches to indicate great accuracy, and letting me focus on the real talk rather than taking notes intact, but made in notes totally tracked as a decision that is very good when searching for specific keywords.

I recently sat down with Otter’s CEO and co-founder Sam Liang in Palo Alto to talk about Entrepreneurship’s journey, from his initial stint as a computer student at Peking University for a software ENGINEER (in Cisco and Google for some names), finally starting up 30 People, who earn $ 13 million since it was founded more than three years ago.

Sam Liang:

There are billions of people in the world. Everyone says a few hours each day. So the only way people can communicate. However, I just remembered. I have had many meetings back every day. At the end of the third meeting, I lost 70% of what happened at the first meeting.

So, I have to have an easy way to get notes. And not just take the correct note, because in the next month, if I’m going to remind you at the Notre Dame Cathedral, I remember everything, but I do not remember the details. At the moment. I can be a Starbucks base plate. So I do not have a notebook with me, but I have to have quick information. So using this app,

I just can find it and find it easy.

The one. And also, for us, we have a small team, but we have many meetings: product usage, Android meetings, marketing marketing, business development, sales, customer service and more. So we have all the information, but how do you share this information one by one?

We have this meeting with you now but somebody in our organization may be interested in some of these chats. Of course, I can tell her, but whatever I say will be processed. But if he wants to know the real conversation is really difficult. But with Otter, we can easily show what’s most important to the company.

You may have seen the kinds of studies that show that companies are at least 30%, or even 40% or 50% of the time in all kinds of meetings, meeting people, telephone or video conferencing. If you think about it, if you pay $ 100,000 each year, they actually spend 30,000, or $ 40,000, for a meeting.

This is how meeting meetings, but then, how much information has been discussed or what? Or what about returning investment? Right? You pay $ 40,000 to attend a meeting? Okay, what’s out of it? So, we do not build a transcription company, Otter is a collaboration company. On the same domain, such as Zoom, Slack or Storage (Box or Dropbox), because the information is stored in the cloud and easily accessible to teams and team members.

JBS: Tell travelers traveling

SL: I studied computer science at Peking University and dreamed a dream in Stanford. I applied and was denied multiple times, but the third time, he finally sat down

Emma Cohen Is A CEO With A Mermaid’s Heart is faceing all the responsibility

Emma Cohen Is A CEO With A Mermaid's Heart is faceing all the responsibility

Emma Cohen’s understanding is not very large. They just try to save our ocean. In 2015, Emma and her friends, launching the Save the Mermaids, a nonprofit organization focused on educating the kid (and the elderly) on the dangers of ocean pollution and how each of us can do our part for the fight.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Emma’s excitement to remove our ocean caused FinalStraw Co-founder – can be utilized to be reused, used in the world, which is tagline, #SuckResponsibly.

Emma Cohen, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, FinalStrawEmma Cohen, Executive Officer and Co-Founder, FinalStraw COURTESY FINALSTRAW
No Sleepy Sales


Emma, ​​along with her founder

Miles Pepper (who has since moved on), launched the FinalStraw through a crowdfunding campaign in April 2018, which earns more than $ 1.8 million. Since then, sales have not been reduced, now more than $ 5 million and counted. A UC alumni of Santa Barbara, Emma returned to Santa Barbara to work with FinalStraw as a corporate CEO, near the preferred ocean.

John Greathouse: Hey Emma. You and your founders use Save the Mermaids to spread awareness in SD. Do you do this through government rulers? How have you been given as you have built your business

Emma Cohen

Saving Mermaids is where I learn about love to spread the message with fun and fun. It allows me to get my wet feet and eventually reproduce the way for a career in support.

When I was in school at UC Santa Barbara, my eyes were opened to a plague of plastic contamination. I am very surprised by the amount of plasticized students every day, from solo cups to plastic bags, on campus facilities. As soon as I saw everything else, I could not take it. I’m so obsessed. So, I set the time to do it.

Greathouse: Yes, UCSB kids have been known to use red solo cups …

Emma: Yes, that’s right. With a group of friends, we begin to discuss what we can do to make a lasting impact. We have mermaids and spirits and know we want to engage with ban law using one use. We begin appearing in the mermaid council to “talk to fish” and talk about plastic pollution for the environment.

At the city council meeting, we have a sandwich made from plastic that has been quoted saying that eating plastic is not dangerous for sea creatures.

Ultimately, we decided to end the child’s efforts and education because they became the future changemakers. Unlike mature people, children open new ideas. Instead of looking for reasons, the kids looking for solutions and the same way can help solve the problem. They know, accept and want to make the necessary changes.

Greathouse: You did a great TEDx talk a few years ago, How To Save A Mermaid. It’s a good idea to promote your mission while still giving solid content to a casual audience. Do you think a better time for entrepreneurs to find the same place to spread the word?


TEDx talks as my first real-time show – I spend three months to prepare – high stakes. It’s a challenge to take something that I’m passionate about, boiling into the discussion for 10 minutes and make sure that I still hit all the hard points.

The most interesting part of experience is the reaction that follows the talk. I received incredible messages from people who never thought about the effects of straw on the environment. To see if the sound can have a big impact is a feeling of inspiration. It makes me realize the sound of everyone strong.


All leaders are providing powers to womens

All leaders are providing powers to womens

95% of all customer interactions will be controlled by AI by 2025, according to PG, so that users can not distinguish between human or online interactions, with other words, the AI ​​will affect every aspect of your mind.

Turkey Selma is a mission to ensure women better understand the impact of new technology on their career and make changes to the planning process.

He is a leader in EE EMEIA

a cognitive solution, which means that it works with customers to find solutions to new technologies. When we meet to address the challenges of gender diversity in technology space, it shows the problem view.

The most common problem for AI is in the program. Gartnersestimates by 2022, 85% of AI projects will get the wrong results due to bias in data or algorithms. We all know about this problem, as well as some women in the technology sector and not many women representations for design challenges and new technology technologies. Easy solution to increase the number of women in technology, but in U.K. only, sad numbers.

The cheek for the girls who entered the technology did not need to be melted

Only 50% of students studying in Computing A can continue their courses at the University and work in the technology sector. The number of women in technology in the United States is about 20%, so that numbers are no better.

We can not wait to speed up, to change the interface with our customers when we develop technology solutions. Turkey argues that women are often depressed and less likely to develop a solution. After all, the pair will jump to the design elements, when the pair will be suspended or unable to participate.

She lists examples when working with a national children’s hospital in a virtual assistant provider for a child ready for surgery. During this phase of the idea, it takes individuals who handle patient experiences to advise patients, male colleagues who are interested in a sharing perspective that includes a surgical experience.

However, female friends are more concerned about governance, and in the first place there is no patient and program experience. Through many works, Turkish believers are more common when women cancel the chat and have a significant impact on other program applications;

“Solutions based 

AI and completion of the talk, in particular, must involve and drive planned thoughts or trips to the end of the target user.At the level of engagement determined by the original design and data that drives all the trips, it is necessary to have team colors to drive the initiative to establish sound and all inputs. ”

The existence of data is not a new phenomenon, but analyzes and applications for solutions and services make a lot of opportunities. Data usage forms our world, which means that various stakeholders need to feed on data development. Turkey highlighted the challenge:

“We have access to more data than ever, but we do not use data in smart ways.” One of the most important elements of providing an effective solution is that the AI ​​is a solid science embedded in the program, and this can be a challenge when it comes to attracting complex functions to some teams.

If you are not part of the solution

you will lose the voice of how work and society grow.Lack of sound to voice the resulting bias in programs and calculus. Understanding the effects of AI does not necessarily know the workings of the AI, any time that has a deep understanding of the car enough to drive and operate what vehicle drivers do without having to know detailed mechanics and engineering elements.

Technical complexity creates constraints on perceptions that prevent women from providing and contributing to what programs to provide and what