95% of all customer interactions will be controlled by AI by 2025, according to PG, so that users can not distinguish between human or online interactions, with other words, the AI ​​will affect every aspect of your mind.

Turkey Selma is a mission to ensure women better understand the impact of new technology on their career and make changes to the planning process.

He is a leader in EE EMEIA

a cognitive solution, which means that it works with customers to find solutions to new technologies. When we meet to address the challenges of gender diversity in technology space, it shows the problem view.

The most common problem for AI is in the program. Gartnersestimates by 2022, 85% of AI projects will get the wrong results due to bias in data or algorithms. We all know about this problem, as well as some women in the technology sector and not many women representations for design challenges and new technology technologies. Easy solution to increase the number of women in technology, but in U.K. only, sad numbers.

The cheek for the girls who entered the technology did not need to be melted

Only 50% of students studying in Computing A can continue their courses at the University and work in the technology sector. The number of women in technology in the United States is about 20%, so that numbers are no better.

We can not wait to speed up, to change the interface with our customers when we develop technology solutions. Turkey argues that women are often depressed and less likely to develop a solution. After all, the pair will jump to the design elements, when the pair will be suspended or unable to participate.

She lists examples when working with a national children’s hospital in a virtual assistant provider for a child ready for surgery. During this phase of the idea, it takes individuals who handle patient experiences to advise patients, male colleagues who are interested in a sharing perspective that includes a surgical experience.

However, female friends are more concerned about governance, and in the first place there is no patient and program experience. Through many works, Turkish believers are more common when women cancel the chat and have a significant impact on other program applications;

“Solutions based 

AI and completion of the talk, in particular, must involve and drive planned thoughts or trips to the end of the target user.At the level of engagement determined by the original design and data that drives all the trips, it is necessary to have team colors to drive the initiative to establish sound and all inputs. ”

The existence of data is not a new phenomenon, but analyzes and applications for solutions and services make a lot of opportunities. Data usage forms our world, which means that various stakeholders need to feed on data development. Turkey highlighted the challenge:

“We have access to more data than ever, but we do not use data in smart ways.” One of the most important elements of providing an effective solution is that the AI ​​is a solid science embedded in the program, and this can be a challenge when it comes to attracting complex functions to some teams.

If you are not part of the solution

you will lose the voice of how work and society grow.Lack of sound to voice the resulting bias in programs and calculus. Understanding the effects of AI does not necessarily know the workings of the AI, any time that has a deep understanding of the car enough to drive and operate what vehicle drivers do without having to know detailed mechanics and engineering elements.

Technical complexity creates constraints on perceptions that prevent women from providing and contributing to what programs to provide and what


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