Emma Cohen’s understanding is not very large. They just try to save our ocean. In 2015, Emma and her friends, launching the Save the Mermaids, a nonprofit organization focused on educating the kid (and the elderly) on the dangers of ocean pollution and how each of us can do our part for the fight.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Emma’s excitement to remove our ocean caused FinalStraw Co-founder – can be utilized to be reused, used in the world, which is tagline, #SuckResponsibly.

Emma Cohen, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, FinalStrawEmma Cohen, Executive Officer and Co-Founder, FinalStraw COURTESY FINALSTRAW
No Sleepy Sales


Emma, ‚Äč‚Äčalong with her founder

Miles Pepper (who has since moved on), launched the FinalStraw through a crowdfunding campaign in April 2018, which earns more than $ 1.8 million. Since then, sales have not been reduced, now more than $ 5 million and counted. A UC alumni of Santa Barbara, Emma returned to Santa Barbara to work with FinalStraw as a corporate CEO, near the preferred ocean.

John Greathouse: Hey Emma. You and your founders use Save the Mermaids to spread awareness in SD. Do you do this through government rulers? How have you been given as you have built your business

Emma Cohen

Saving Mermaids is where I learn about love to spread the message with fun and fun. It allows me to get my wet feet and eventually reproduce the way for a career in support.

When I was in school at UC Santa Barbara, my eyes were opened to a plague of plastic contamination. I am very surprised by the amount of plasticized students every day, from solo cups to plastic bags, on campus facilities. As soon as I saw everything else, I could not take it. I’m so obsessed. So, I set the time to do it.

Greathouse: Yes, UCSB kids have been known to use red solo cups …

Emma: Yes, that’s right. With a group of friends, we begin to discuss what we can do to make a lasting impact. We have mermaids and spirits and know we want to engage with ban law using one use. We begin appearing in the mermaid council to “talk to fish” and talk about plastic pollution for the environment.

At the city council meeting, we have a sandwich made from plastic that has been quoted saying that eating plastic is not dangerous for sea creatures.

Ultimately, we decided to end the child’s efforts and education because they became the future changemakers. Unlike mature people, children open new ideas. Instead of looking for reasons, the kids looking for solutions and the same way can help solve the problem. They know, accept and want to make the necessary changes.

Greathouse: You did a great TEDx talk a few years ago, How To Save A Mermaid. It’s a good idea to promote your mission while still giving solid content to a casual audience. Do you think a better time for entrepreneurs to find the same place to spread the word?


TEDx talks as my first real-time show – I spend three months to prepare – high stakes. It’s a challenge to take something that I’m passionate about, boiling into the discussion for 10 minutes and make sure that I still hit all the hard points.

The most interesting part of experience is the reaction that follows the talk. I received incredible messages from people who never thought about the effects of straw on the environment. To see if the sound can have a big impact is a feeling of inspiration. It makes me realize the sound of everyone strong.



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