In a career and counting 25-plus years! -As a journalist, I’ve completed thousands of questions and even attended meetings, one face to face or over which calls, for lots of them, I manually transcribe a conversation to make sure I got a comment on the right-my interlocutors’ that I’m dreaded.

So when a friend introduced me Marie Domingo at TechCrunch interrupted the conference in San Francisco last fall, she handled public relations at that time, I, of course, was curious to know more about how this works but it’s too frustrating that mobile apps can really help me.

How wrong I am! After more than six months using the free version of the service that includes 600 minutes per month Transcriptions free, changed lives and in the post, I will release more in-depth technical review from Otter paid “premium” version that cost only $ 10 months for 6,000 minutes of transcription.

Not only does the app (for iOS and Android) work very well on questions of live transcripts and meetings from speeches to indicate great accuracy, and letting me focus on the real talk rather than taking notes intact, but made in notes totally tracked as a decision that is very good when searching for specific keywords.

I recently sat down with Otter’s CEO and co-founder Sam Liang in Palo Alto to talk about Entrepreneurship’s journey, from his initial stint as a computer student at Peking University for a software ENGINEER (in Cisco and Google for some names), finally starting up 30 People, who earn $ 13 million since it was founded more than three years ago.

Sam Liang:

There are billions of people in the world. Everyone says a few hours each day. So the only way people can communicate. However, I just remembered. I have had many meetings back every day. At the end of the third meeting, I lost 70% of what happened at the first meeting.

So, I have to have an easy way to get notes. And not just take the correct note, because in the next month, if I’m going to remind you at the Notre Dame Cathedral, I remember everything, but I do not remember the details. At the moment. I can be a Starbucks base plate. So I do not have a notebook with me, but I have to have quick information. So using this app,

I just can find it and find it easy.

The one. And also, for us, we have a small team, but we have many meetings: product usage, Android meetings, marketing marketing, business development, sales, customer service and more. So we have all the information, but how do you share this information one by one?

We have this meeting with you now but somebody in our organization may be interested in some of these chats. Of course, I can tell her, but whatever I say will be processed. But if he wants to know the real conversation is really difficult. But with Otter, we can easily show what’s most important to the company.

You may have seen the kinds of studies that show that companies are at least 30%, or even 40% or 50% of the time in all kinds of meetings, meeting people, telephone or video conferencing. If you think about it, if you pay $ 100,000 each year, they actually spend 30,000, or $ 40,000, for a meeting.

This is how meeting meetings, but then, how much information has been discussed or what? Or what about returning investment? Right? You pay $ 40,000 to attend a meeting? Okay, what’s out of it? So, we do not build a transcription company, Otter is a collaboration company. On the same domain, such as Zoom, Slack or Storage (Box or Dropbox), because the information is stored in the cloud and easily accessible to teams and team members.

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